10 Best Eco Homes In Britain

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For the past decade, global warming has been a hot topic and recently people have become more and more concerned about our impact on the planet. While governments are taking steps to put guidelines in place regarding recycling, it’s not enough and some exceptional people have taken it upon themselves to do something about their carbon footprint and build Eco-Friendly Homes.

An eco-friendly home is one such step that not only has a helps to take care of the environment but also has its money saving and luxury perks. In this post we have collected our 10 favourite eco-homes in Britain.

Elfin Hollow

Elfin Hollow

Located in Heathfield, this eco-friendly home has a number of planet-saving technologies including an air-source heat pump, rain-water harvester, motion sensing lighting sensor and central vacuuming system.

From the outside it easy to see that it was inspired by the Germany pre-fabricated homes, Huf Haus but due to a lack of personalisation options the creators opted to do things themselves.

The Residence

The Residence

Located in Portreath on the rugged cornish coast this eco homes consisting of two and three bedroom lodges are actually holiday homes, collectively known as the Residence.

You can find these holiday homes at Gwel An Mor.

Running beyond the stipulated government guidelines of energy efficiency this eco home features air-to-water pumps for heating and cooling.

Slip House

Slip House

Home of famous architect Carl Turner and his partner Mary Martin, this eco haven is located in Brixton, London and sports a translucent sustainable design to provide the interior with huge amounts of light while retaining complete privacy.

Free from all the clutter and filled with light and renewable energy this house is, as Turner puts it, “joy to live in”.

Marsh House

Marsh House - Nottingham - Eco Home

An exquisite example of a domestic experiment into sustainable living, the Home of architect Julian Marsh is an award winning accommodation located in The Meadows, Nottingham.

Green Tithe Morn Hill

Green Tithe

Winchester is home to this beautiful three bedroom eco home, which generates more power than it needs. In fact, all the eco features earned it exemplar status by the Energy Saving Trust.

Zero Carbon House

Zero Carbon House, Balsall Heath, Birmingham

One of the first homes in UK to achieve the highest level in the government’s code for sustainable homes. This Birmingham home is a perfect blend of green technology and elegant design suggesting that there doesn’t need to be a compromise in any of the two to make a perfect home.

Cumberworth Lodge


With an estimated price of £795,000, this eco home in Huddersfield is heavily insulated to lower energy costs. The interior features a spiral staircase and limestone tiles with underfloor heating as well as games room.



A seemingly conventional home, this four storey house makes use of a ground-source heat pump, underfloor heating system and extensive insulation are some of the features of this eco house.


The Lammas project ecovillage at Tir y Gafel, in North Pembrokeshire, Wales.

The Lammas project is an eco village in Pembrokeshire, Wales. An unmatched example of subtlety, this eco-friendly haven has been designed to the highest degree of simplistic. All the houses are made from natural, local and recycled materials.

Mines Park

Mines Park

This futuristic eco home that has been planned to include two staff cottages, a barn with a total of 12,400 square feet of space, as well as grounds including a large meadow, a lake, walled garden and an orchard.

We are sure this list of 10 Best Eco Homes satisfy your appetite for clean and environment friendly elegant housing. If you’re planning your own eco-build in the UK, get in touch.

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