5 Awesome Smart Gadget Ideas to Buy for Your House in 2020

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Entertainment


The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced many countries to enter lockdown. With countries on lockdown, citizens are forced to quarantine themselves inside their homes, which, for many people, has been stressful, boring, and downright maddening.

However, finding a silver lining in chaos keeps many going. The silver lining of quarantine? Having the time to upgrade your home to a smart home! IoT devices (smart devices) can make your home life much more convenient. Be warned, however, that it’s important you stay on top of your security with your smart devices by sticking with reputable brands, keeping your network safe, and using a VPN.

5 Smart Gadget Recommendations

1. A Smart Vacuum

Keeping your house clean requires you to spend a large chunk of your time making your house spotless. No one likes working during their free time, and that’s why many companies have tried their hands at smart vacuums. These smart vacuums clean your floor for you while you relax.

From the classic Roomba vacuums to the cheaper Ecovacs smart vacuums, your options are limitless. Smart vacuums can be pricey, but they are worth it!

2. A Smart Assistant Speaker

Amazon stormed the smart home market with its Amazon Echo product line in 2014, and since then, corporations such as Apple, Google, and even Facebook have released their own smart assistant devices.

Smart assistant speakers, speakers such as the Amazon Echo and Apple HomePod, install a smart assistant into a normal-sized speaker that users can talk to, ask questions to, or even order items with.

Smart assistants can also act as a hub for other smart devices in your home, though what devices are compatible depends on your smart assistant. Despite this, it’s recommended you have some sort of smart assistant installed in your home if you plan on making it a smart home.

3. Smart Lights

Lighting affects your mood—a strong red will increase your aggression while a warm yellow will help you relax. However, most homes come with regular bulbs that only radiate a warm yellow; changing your lighting becomes a hassle.

However, with smart bulbs from Phillips Hue or Wyze, you can change the color of your lights to fit any situation or mood you’re in. Be warned, however, that the price of entry for smart bulbs is high, requiring the bulbs, a “bridge” or hub, and any extra bulbs you may need.

4. Google Nest Mesh Wi-Fi

The bigger your house is, the weaker your Wi-Fi signal becomes as you move throughout the house. This is just how Wi-Fi signals work. Unfortunately, hooking your phone up to your network through an Ethernet cable is unrealistic, so Wi-Fi has become a necessity.

To make sure your Wi-Fi signal stays strong throughout your house, set up a mesh network. A mesh network uses network nodes connected to a hub (the router) to extend a Wi-Fi signal into other areas.

The Google Nest mesh network works well and has Google’s support, so you know you’re receiving quality Wi-Fi.

5. Smart Security Cameras

There’s no such thing as “too secure”. Your house contains valuables, keepsakes, and various pieces of personal information. If someone were to break-in to your house, you may not only need to deal with insurance but with the possibility of someone stealing your identity.

Fortunately, smart security cameras exist. With smart security cameras, you not only have 24/7 access to what your camera is recording, but you can also download the video so you can keep your recordings on you at all times.


Despite the negatives lockdown brings, it’s important to find joy in the little things. And upgrading your home with new tech? Well, there’s not many things more fun than that!

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