Innovative Interior Design Ideas For Small Spaces

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As the population rises and city living becomes more and more popular, the amount of living space on offer has been forced to decline in many places. There are many creative solutions for adapting the usable spaces in your house, such as with your staircase. To improve the interior aesthetic, you can include look at painted wooden staircases. You can either choose to live in all the clutter or you can show some creativity, recreate your home and make full use of the available space.

Precisely for this purpose, we have collected some design ideas for small spaces to inspire you.

Room Divider, Bookcase and TV Shelf

You can efficiently design a room divider with space for books and also a TV shelf without losing all the elegance and space.

Creating Folding Screens


A nice little trick is to cover wooden frames with fabric and use them as folding screens for privacy and other purposes.

Bench, Loft, Storage; All in One Place


A clean way to transform a corner into fully functional and compact living space with a bench for seating, small table with lamp, storage shelves and a ladder that leads to a comfy sleeping loft.

Retractable Beds


Having retractable beds is one of the oldest trick in the book to maximize space. They serve well as comfortable beds during the night and can be hidden away during the day for maximum free space.

Use Rugs


Small rugs can be used to divide a relatively larger single room into smaller areas to reflect a feel of more spacious living room.

Storage Platform

Guest room in one of the most important part of a home but unfortunately it is also the area that is often seldom used. You can transform your guest room into a huge storage space by converting the platform into a functional storage space.

Picture Frame Tables


Picture frames can be designed creatively to be converted into small tables any
where you like.

Mental Sectioning Using Thick Ropes


All you need is some thick jute rope and custom wooden boxes to string the ropes from floor to ceiling and you will successfully section off some areas like office space in your apartment.

L Shaped Couch


L Shaped couches not only look elegant but at the end of the day they can be easily converted into comfortable beds for a good night’s sleep.

Chimney Divider


A chimney fitted into the divider separating your bathroom and bedroom will keep both relaxing areas warm and cozy.

Bed Nook with Crazy Storage


More often than not,nooks and under bed spaces are left for dust but they can be intelligently used to your advantage. Johan, in this example has put all his crazy books, movie and music collection in all the space above and below the the bed nook.

Rolling Curtains


Try covering your rolling racks with fabric instead of clothes and you will have your very own curtain on wheels.

No Overhead Lights


By ditching the overhead lights you create an illusion of a larger room. You can use smaller lamps across the room to not only spread the light but also draw the eyes of a guest all around the living space.

Moveable Bedroom in a Cubicle,1226711727.html#


A really out of the box idea to take full advantage of your external space and gain full functionality.

Bookcase Bed


It is just a beautiful spacious bookshelf during the day, but at night it turns into a comfortable bed for two.


Smart Cleaning System


Studio-Apartment Set

An ultra compact studio apartment set fitted with drawer stairs, loft bed and a lot more in just the space otherwise occupied by a decent sized bed.

LP Wall

If you have an old collection of LP’s, you can save your collection and make a wall out of it at the same time.

Super Spiral Staircase for Super Tight Space


Vertical Bathroom System


Though a seemingly costly bathroom solution at 20 Grands, this circular bathroom swiss knife is worth every penny. It stacks various features like a toilet, sink, shower head and storage units into a single column.

We are sure our list of 20 Innovative interior design ideas for small spaces have inspired you enough to stir up your creativity and spice up your living space. If you have any personal favourites or better suggestions for us, feel free to mention in the comments section.

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