How to get the Most of your London Property

by | Jul 16, 2018 | blog, DIY Tips, Home

In some respects, you would think that the cost of real estate in London would be the biggest issue facing those in the capital.

Value for money is also a pressing concern for buyers, however, with properties becoming increasingly compact even as the average price continues to rise. In fact, the average house price in Greater London is now estimated at £484,584, as opposed to £226,906 across the rest of the UK.

This has had a dramatic effect, with the number of people moving out of London having increased by 55% in the past five years.

If leaving the capital is not an option due to family or work commitments, however, you can improve the value proposition by optimising the space at your disposal. Here are some steps to achieve this:

  1. Look for Properties where you Can Maximise Height

As we’ve already stated, London houses are becoming smaller. This refers to the width and amount of floor space available, however, meaning that you can compensate for this by maximising the height of your chosen property.

More specifically, you can select properties that will allow you to add first or second floor extensions, or those that have the potential for a dormer loft conversion.

This way, you can add new rooms and create functional spaces in the property, even within a constricted and compact floorplan.

2. Invest in Creative Storage Solutions

In terms of optimising space and creating the illusion of an open living environment, creative storage options offer tremendous value.

Floor to ceiling units enable you to optimise your storage, for example, without compromising on the workable space at your disposal. Instead, they take up idle space on your walls, and when combined with light and neutral tones that can have a significant impact on the appeal of your interior.

On an even more fundamental level, you can also buy simple fixtures such as a divan bed, which include in-built storage that is unseen and extremely practical.

3. Choose a Property that Allows you to Implement your Vision 

It’s important to keep these ideas and options in mind, as they should ultimately inform your decision when selecting a viable property.

More specifically, you can browse the entire London property market online and with these considerations in mind, before identifying extendable and malleable homes that allow you to create your ideal interior space.

So, when you ultimately complete a transaction, you can rest assured that the property is entirely fit for purpose and capable of providing a functional living environment.



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