6 Questions To Ask a Dumpster Rental Company Prior to Proceeding

by | Jul 2, 2021 | DIY Tips

Property owners will need a dumpster for a variety of projects, and they can get a dumpster from a local service provider. The receptacles vary in size and provide the homeowner with plenty of space for unwanted items. The service providers also offer recycling services for the property owner and send any reusable times where they are most beneficial. Here are questions to ask a provider.

  1. Do You Offer a Flat Rate?

Property owners must start by asking the service provider if they offer the rentals at a flat-rate fee. Flat-rate fees are often more affordable for property owners. The service provider can explain their rates according to how long the property owner needs the dumpster. They can also explain if there are varying rates according to the size of the dumpsters. Property owners can ask the service provider about a Roll Off Dumpster Rental now.

  1. How Long Is the Rental Period?

The service providers offer details about how long the rental period is. On average, the rental periods are around one week, but the property owner may have access to longer rentals. They can inquire about the rental periods when setting up the rental.

  1. How Soon Will the Dumpster Be Delivered?

The property owner can set up the delivery on a specific day, and they can provide the service provider with information about where to place the dumpster on the property. Typically, the service provider can deliver the dumpster on the preferred date. However, the property owner must determine if the dumpster they want is available first. If not, the service provider will give them details about when to expect the dumpster delivery.

  1. Does the Homeowner Need to Be Home For the Delivery?

Unless the homeowner has to open a gate around the property, it is not necessary for them to be at home when the dumpster is delivered. However, some service providers may request they be at the property to ensure the driver positions the dumpster in the preferred location. If the property owner is there, they can guide the drivers, and they won’t have to get the service provider to send a driver to move the dumpster around in their yard.

  1. Do You Offer Empty and Returns?

Empty and return services are ideal for property owners that are completing complex projects. For example, if they are completed home renovations, the property owner may need the dumpster emptied throughout the rental period. It is a great idea to get information about setting up the service and how much it will cost each time the dumpster is emptied and brought back to the property.

  1. How Much Are Empty And Returns, and Are There Any Restrictions?

The fees for empty and returns could increase the total cost of the dumpster rental. Some service providers may impose restrictions on the service. For example, if the property owner rents the dumpster for one week, they may limit the empty and return services to one or two trips. Some service providers may limit property owners to one empty and return per rental.

Property owners will need waste management services for a variety of reasons. By renting a dumpster, they have the opportunity to get rid of unwanted items in or around their homes. The dumpsters are a great choice for completing renovation services, too.

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