4 Furniture Trends you should expect to see a lot of in 2015

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With 2015 still fresh, we are still waiting to see what new designs and trends will emerge as the year progresses. Trends are fads that change overtime and with designers always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas, we expect to see a great number of new trends this year.

When it comes to interior design, experts in the field fill our heads with tips on how we should be decorating the interior of our homes. Property values can fluctuate depending on the appearance of the interior, so it’s important to keep properties up-to-date and stylish. We spoke to AHF Furniture and came up with the top four furniture trends to look out for in 2015.

Stylish and traditional floral patterned furniture

Over the past few years, many saw traditional floral patterned furniture as a fairly dated design. However, after gaining a reputation as an ‘indie favourite’, floral patterned furniture has become one of the most desired designs on the market once again.

The popularity of retro-chic is at an all-time high due to the new found consumer belief that vintage designs are more fashionable and unique. “New traditional” floral patterned furniture such as armchairs, sofas, bench seats and many other living room features have re-emerged in 2015 as one of this years  ‘must-have’ furniture designs.

Have you been trying to make your living room look more elegant and charming? Take our advice, floral patterned furniture is well suited to dark varnished wooden flooring. Not only is this floor design bold, but it makes floral patterned furniture appear more distinctive.

Elegant and simplistic solid coloured fabric sofas

Sofas are unquestionably the standout feature of any living room. For a rooms design to look appealing the wall colours, accessories and furniture must complement each other. Regardless of how much money you have spent on making the remainder of the room look fabulous, if your sofa’s colour doesn’t match these features or its condition is tatty then the whole room is going to look inconsistent.

The demand for fabric sofas has re-emerged due to how they can fit into any room design. They’re simplistic and available in a large number of solid colours and sizes. Furthermore, they’re very straightforward to customise so that they can blend into almost any design and they’re easier to take care of unlike sofas made from other materials.

Experts in the interior design industry say that solid coloured fabric sofas aren’t just good for blending into any setting, but they can also be used as the centrepiece for any room, if you choose a distinctively bold colour such as gold or red. Choosing colours such as these are going to add a lot of character and distinction to your room if it is complimentary of its other features.

Timeless High Gloss Bedroom Furniture

A furniture trend with immense staying power, high gloss bedroom furniture remains stylish, yet simplistic and is a great example of why minimalism will never go out of style. In 2015 you should expect to see this trend go from strength to strength as the field of interior design continues to experiment with trends, new and old.

Our personal favourites are white, handcrafted high gloss furniture pieces which are complimentary of all solid colour schemes. Using these pieces to furnish your master or guest bedroom are a popular choice as they can be built as chest of drawers, wardrobes, dressing tables or bedframes.

Whether in a contemporary or old-fashioned style, high gloss furniture is the ideal choice for all bedrooms in your chic apartment or your elegant family home.

Vintage Painted Oak Furniture

As floral patterned furniture reappeared to the limelight due to consumer desire for retro styles, homeowners are looking to move away from uber-modern furniture designs and are looking to get the best from both contemporary and classic styles.

Vintage painted oak furniture is one of this year’s most sought-after dining room furniture pieces as they’re natural and aesthetically versatile as they have the ability to compliment most surroundings. Oak furniture is available in a wide-range of colours and can be used for many purposes in the form tables, chairs, cabinets and sideboards. As these features are built from an oak material, this means that they are extremely durable products- making them the ideal choice for all home dining rooms.

What trends do you think will take off in 2015?

With interior design trends constantly coming and going, homeowners are facing an uphill battle to keep with what is fashionable and what isn’t. Painted oak, high gloss, floral and solid coloured fabric furniture may have set the bar high so far in 2015, but what other interior design and furniture trends do you think will take off this year?

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