Your Best Guide to Creating the Ultimate Show Home

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Design

Haven’t we all walked into a home and exclaimed how beautiful and impeccably decorated it is? More often than not, these kinds of homes have the benefit of an interior designer and decorator’s expertise. But if you aim to create the ideal show home to wow your clients if you have a property to sell, you can very well do so if you know what to focus on and consider. Then, the ultimate show home is within reach – and here’s your best guide.

  1. Concentrate on the walls

People are highly visual, and those who are looking for a home to call their own tend to focus even more on the visual aspects of a show home. That being said, one of the first things you should focus on is the walls. When it comes to the walls of your show home, it pays to choose a neutral tone. Everyone can relate to neutrals, and even if you may be tempted to show off a specific wall with a bold, bright hue, it’s better to stick to neutrals because you can add that dash of colour elsewhere, like some sculptural pieces, a lamp, or sofa cushions.

The best colours to choose for wall finishes are taupe or mid-grey, but you can always add more texture with frames on the walls and the aforementioned accessories if you want something extra. In addition, your chosen frames and accessories can make the space look more personal, and you can easily swap them with other pieces if it calls for it.

  1. Consider setting up a work area or space

Nowadays, the ‘work from home’ situation is more prevalent than ever, and many people also have a specific area where they can work or do some household accounting and what-not. Even if your workspace or work area is on the small side, it doesn’t matter – most home buyers will appreciate a dedicated workstation. If the space is small, install a narrower console or desk and accentuate it with a cool and chic yet comfortable chair. To maximise the space, you can also add open shelves on the wall.

  1. Establish symmetry

Symmetry can be your best friend, and experts in showhome interior design will attest to its usefulness and appeal. But how can you establish symmetry? It’s quite simple. Just add side tables on each side of a couch or sofa, and establish symmetry even further with a pair of identical lamps. You can also choose to keep your sofa cushions symmetrical and use accessories on tables and follow the rule of three (three figurines, three flowers in a vase, three picture frames, and so on).

  1. Show off the bed

Those of us who are looking for a home will be attracted to a beautiful master bedroom with all the accoutrements that make a bedroom cosy and comfortable. When you have a bed in the master bedroom that’s not just neat and well-made but also has luxurious linen, this can go a long way with buyers indeed. It’s easier for a buyer to imagine themselves relaxing in the bedroom when there’s an inviting bed in the centre, and make sure to tuck the sheets in properly and don’t forget the duvet as well. You can go all out with a throw and cushions in complementary colours, too. Good luck, and happy decorating!

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