Top 5 Radiator Designs

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Design

Whilst an essential item in many rooms throughout the home, it’s fair to say radiators are sometimes an overlooked feature. If asked to describe the look of a radiator, more than likely you will opt for a rectangular shape that is white in colour. This is by far the most popular design of radiators for many years, but it is not the only option available on the market today. Here are our top 5 radiator designs to help you rethink your approach to these quietly efficient appliances that you cannot live without.


For the traditionalists, the design of a column radiator can provide your home with a Victorian style that looks great with an industrial or rustic interior. If your home needs to keep its classic feel, or you simply prefer the look of column radiators over modern-day designs, you can choose raw metal or cast-iron options that look the part. You can buy radiator designs that easily fit the aesthetic your room requires, so if its classic over contemporary, column radiators win every time.


When wall space is narrow for a conventional radiator design, why not go upwards? Increasingly popular in kitchens and hallways around the country are vertical radiators, providing the same performance in a different orientation. These radiator designs can help you make the best use of space and make you think differently about where a radiator can go. Not only are they a space-saving solution, but the vertical design can help make a statement in a room, standing out from the wall as a feature in their own right, especially with various styles and colours available.

Heated Towel Rail

Their design offers practicality by not just heating the room, but also the drying and storing of towels, making a heated towel rail a bathroom essential. It is hard to remember a time that bathrooms didn’t make use of this hybrid design, a staple in many homes thanks to how useful they are. If the chrome, tubular design that is known for heated towel rails leaves you uninspired, there are many other colourful or neutral-coloured options available. From the trusted ladder design to circular or flat panelled versions, you can easily find the right option for any bathroom interior.

Flat Panel

If prominent radiators that stick out too far from the wall are something you’d rather avoid, flat panel radiators are the answer. Taking the classic column design and flattening the panels helps create a more slimline appearance that is just as effective in heat performance. Lighter and able to be wall-mounted, flat panel radiators are ideal in spaces such as a narrow hallway where you don’t want to make the space smaller, or a compact-sized room that needs to maximise the space.


A design of radiator that stays hot but not to the touch are LST or Low-Surface-Temperature radiators. Found in many public settings like waiting rooms or schools which can be high traffic areas, LST radiators can also be used in the home. Eliminating the issue of heating a room but causing discomfort when touched, LST designs work by pulling air through the base and heating as it rises. If safety is one of your top priorities in the home, you can’t go wrong with an LST radiator.

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