Small painting projects with a great effect 

by | Jul 26, 2023 | Design

How long can an individual live in a space without any visual changes? It is quite easy to get used to what you see on a daily basis. Over time, you lose your interest and do not pay attention to the floors that are already worn down or other home appliances with visible traces of use. How about giving it a little facelift? Here are some ideas for small painting projects with an impressive effect.


You do not notice their condition on your everyday way to work. Only when someone from your family or friends is coming to visit, you carefully examine every scratch and outdated look. Do not worry, it is completely normal. What is more, there is always some spare time to give your doors a fresh look.

Do small projects require professional help? Indeed, especially if you do not feel comfortable about doing it yourself. Contact a certified painting and decorating company that will perform the job in no time. Small projects require a helpful hand if you want to obtain great results. You may encounter chipping paint, smudges or little wholes, which are the effect of everyday use. Such a surface needs solid preparation works before painting – and it concerns not only external door, but also internal ones.

Divide space into zones

If you are in a painting mood, your ideas may get really creative. If you have any passage spaces, now is a great moment to divide them into zones. You can obtain a fresh look by choosing two shades of the same paint colour, preserving uniformity at the same time.

Want to get a little more crazy? Here is a good news – gloss paint is finally back! You can paint the cupboards lined up in a narrow corridor with a dark green, which will serve as a secret path to a light-reflective room. Gloss paints are the best for high-traffic areas, as they are scuff-resistant.


There are moisture, harsh chemicals and dust in this small space, and this is the main reason why the bathroom should be painted before the rest of your house. Needless to say that this is one of the most requiring spaces, therefore, it is highly recommended to hire professional painting and decorating company that would perfectly deal with the commissioned task. Good news is that the bathroom is typically smaller than the rest of the house, so it is probably a couple-of-hours job for an experienced painter.


It is the area where the signs of everyday use are the most visible. Dogs shaking off the dirt after a walk in the rain, children running and leaving their fingerprints on the walls – the hallway should be repainted every 2 or 3 years. With that in mind, set the meeting with a trustworthy painting company, who will deal with the task professionally. If you choose the budget option, simply clean up the walls with a magic sponge. However, there are always some visible traces of use, like scratches or damages, which need to be repaired before painting. Preparation is a part of the process that can be successfully handled by certified painters. Do not hesitate to hire one to get spectacular effects.

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