Making Your Home Feel More Like Your Home

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Design, DIY Tips

If you’ve ever moved house, you know that it can be difficult to truly feel “home” during the first few weeks at your new place. Even though you might have your furniture and items all unpacked, it could still be difficult to feel comfortable. So how can you make your home feel more like your home? Read the following tips to make your home feel more inviting and “lived-in.”

Personalise your space

One of the easiest things you can do to make your home feel like a home is to add touches of your personality. This can come in the form of displaying unique and personal items, creating your own furniture pieces, or DIY improvements on the items that need a little bit of refurbishment.

DIY is cheap and easy, depending on the project. And since removals are very expensive, cheap is probably music to your ears. For an inexpensive way to personalise a room, create a few floor cushions, towel racks, or even your own clock. And if you haven’t got a high level of DIY skills, you can make minor adjustments to personalise a space—think reupholstering a piece in a new fabric or adding a new coat of paint.

Throw some throws (and some cushions) on it

This is incredibly effective in making your home feel more inviting. Get a few blankets and throws and place them on your sofa and chairs throughout your home. Also, a few cushions here and there will do wonders.

Make sure to coordinate with the colour palette of your room, either matching it with other items or going the opposite—choosing a different shade for a pop of colour. Also, add some visual and tactile variety by introducing textiles made from various materials.

Take advantage of colour and design tricks

When trying to improve a room, it helps to look at the space from the viewpoint of a guest. What would you like them to see and what would you like to leave as a first impression? A neat trick is to design a particular space that is far from their entrance point.

Paint a wall in a bold colour to create an accent wall, hang a mirror or captivating print, or redirect light to a particular area. Designing a room with your guests’ viewpoints in mind will ensure that you create a space that demands their attention. It pulls them in and makes them want to stay.

Get some green friends

Everybody should know that plants add so much personality to a room by now. If you don’t have many plants in your home, now is the time—after all, a new home is like a blank canvas to get creative! Adding leafy friends will instill life and character to any room.

Not only do they help invigorate a space, plants also give various health benefits, depending on the type. Make sure to choose plants that match your space, vision, and needs so that your home is in the best state that it can be.

Make your house smell nice

Although this is easily overlooked when looking at your home’s interior design, it is one of the most important. Scents affect your mood, along with other aspects of interior design, so you should make sure your home has a pleasant smell. And if you’ve just moved, you might need help getting rid of any odours the previous owners left behind.

There are many ways to introduce nice fragrances into your home. These include plants, candles, incense, essential oils, and diffusers. Experiment with different methods and scents to find the right one for your home. The most important thing to remember is that the scent should not be overpowering. A pleasant scent in the background can completely transform your home.

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