How to maximise space in a small hallway

by | Oct 26, 2023 | Design

The hallway is one of the most frequently used areas in the home. It acts as our daily exit and entrance and so requires a degree of functionality such as a doormat to wipe wet shoes. However, it is also the first part of the property that visiting guests see, and care should be taken to ensure that it’s attractive too.

For smaller houses and flats in particular, it can be a challenge to make this space both useful and stylish. If you are struggling with how to maximise space in a small hallway, experiment with these easily implemented ideas.


Before you do anything else, take time to declutter the hallway.

Having too many items on display can make spaces of any size look crowded. This will create a sense of claustrophobia instead of the welcoming atmosphere you’re striving toachieve. Aim to keep your decoration minimal and remove any unnecessary furniture.

Sorting through your possessions and clearing out anything that you no longer need is also anessential part of the redesign process. Knowing exactly what must be stored in the space is key to establishing a fully-functional hallway. 

Increase storage

The next step to maximising space in your hallway is to increase your storage. Being able to conceal things or elevate them off the floor keeps the overall look neat and tidy which will expand the space in the mind’s eye.

A popular method for improving hallway storage is to fit an understairs wardrobe. The understairs area is unsuitable as a living space but is reasonable roomy, making it an ideal place to store your outdoor items. Incorporate racks and shelving for shoes as well as hooks for bulky winter coats, fleeces, and wet-weather jackets.

For smaller, decorative items, try floating shelves instead of traditional cabinets. This allows your possessions to make a statement and add character without the need for space-shrinkingfurniture.

Add lighting

As any interior designer will tell you, lighting is one of the most important aspects of home décor. Lighting affects how a room is perceived and has the power to create and change mood.

There are many hallway lighting ideas for you to explore that will visually increase the space without dominating. If you have a table, showcase a little lamp with a shade to add warmth and dimension. A similar effect can be obtained using a sleek floor light, or upgrading your overhead lighting so that the bulbs are dimmable.

You could also fit sconces along the wall: the rhythmic pattern works to lengthen the room and ensures that light is exuded evenly throughout the hallway. 

Mirror illusion

Just as lighting can change your perception of the size of a room, mirrors have the power to trick the eye. This is because they bounce light around the room and create the illusion of more space beyond the wall.

Using a mirror illusion works particularly well in narrow hallways which are usually dark, especially in the furthest corner before you enter the main parts of the property. Whichever style you choose, make sure the mirror is of reasonable size to get the full effect. 

For maximum visual impact, place it near a light source. This serves to increase the power of the optical illusion.

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