15 Inspiring French Door Ideas to Consider

by | Mar 25, 2022 | Design

French doors will always be beautiful. They add so much value, openness, and warmth to a space. As it’s been around since the 17th century, it’s hard to imagine how people could still come up with new design ideas involving it. You’d be very wrong to assume that that’s the case though. This post alone will have you shocked as to how there are still a lot of design angles and features that you can explore when it comes to French doors.

To give you an idea as to how you can spruce up your French doors or how you could design one if you’re planning on putting French doors in your space, we gathered fifteen refreshing and inspiring design ideas that you should consider. Enjoy and happy designing!

15 Inspiring French Door Ideas to Consider

Inspiration #1: Consider Arched French Doors and Windows

The arched aesthetic is back! Today’s design world is all about everything arched and French doors are not exempted. If you’re up for something completely different and refreshing, you should seriously consider having arched French doors. They add quite a unique and modern feel to any space. 

Inspiration #2: Go All White

White will never go out of style. Opting for an all-white look is the quickest way to freshen up any space and applying the refreshing color would be perfect on your French doors. Go the extra mile by making other elements white as well.

Inspiration #3: Natural Casing

The indoor-outdoor look is still getting everyone inspired and excited. Having French doors with a natural casing is the easiest way to achieve such an effortless and warm look. The pandemic made everyone desire nature’s liberating energy. Choosing French doors with natural materials will effortlessly give you such a vibe.

Inspiration #4: Steel French Doors Will Steal Your Heart

Opting for steel French doors is the quickest and easiest way to elevate and modernize your space. All the newly designed homes of today now come with steel French doors that give a strong urban and minimalist aesthetic.

Inspiration #5: Try Patterns

Yes, you can also try patterns on your French doors. Who said that you’re only limited to regular French doors with squares and rectangles? You can now easily play around with different shapes. There are so many elegant patterns to choose from like custom grid patterns.

Inspiration #6: Consider Mahogany

A Mahogany French door is perfect if you have a room with a wooden aesthetic. It can easily make a space look bigger, brighter, and more uniform. It will renew the feel and vibe of your room.

Inspiration #7: Interior French Doors

An interior French door will never lose its charm. Opt for one if you want to elevate any interior living space by a dynamic design concept that can make any space easily pop. They’re also perfect if you want to make your space bigger and more versatile. If you’re looking for a great French Doors manufacturer, check out the superb services and offers of Rock Solid Doors.

Inspiration #8: Lite French Doors

Lite French doors have their very own unique charm. They give off an effortless and elegant look that can easily elevate the look of any space. Have one if you want a space to not look too busy and overwhelming. Lite French doors can easily fit with any kind of aesthetic.

Inspiration #9: Duo Dickinson’s Staying Put Aesthetic

Duo Dickinson did not hold back when he introduced his Staying Put aesthetic. His bright idea of incorporating windows with French doors is something that you should seriously consider if you want more light and warmth to enter your living space.

Inspiration #10: In-swing All The Way

If you’re still planning for your French door design or you already have one and you just want to elevate it, do consider making it in-swing. An in-swing French door instantly makes a space feel more versatile. The added functionality also greatly improves the ergonomic attributes and floor flow of any space.

Inspiration #11: Large Glasses

An easy way to go modern is to opt for large glasses. Your French doors don’t have to be of the regular size. If you want more light to enter your space, opt for big glasses for your French doors.

Inspiration #12: Living Room Integration

It’s so easy to execute a design that focuses on integrating your living room with outdoor spaces by using French doors. Strategic placement of French doors will allow you to enjoy the sights and feels of outdoor spaces even if you’re indoors.

Inspiration #13: Covered Patio

French doors are also perfect for spaces with a covered patio. This is another off-shoot of the indoor-outdoor design movement. French doors on covered outdoor spaces make it easy for interior and exterior spaces to be united.

Inspiration #14: Multiple French Doors

Adding multiple French doors is an exciting design concept to consider. Such French doors will make it easy for you to allow more light and air in. Due to the pandemic, everyone has been crazy over installing multiple French doors as good home ventilation is now of prime importance.

Inspiration #15: Pool House Magic

French doors and pool houses go together. It’s impossible to not have French doors if you have a pool house. It’s the most functional and beautiful design concept that anyone can easily integrate. If you don’t have a pool house, you can easily opt to install a French door that directly opens to the pool.

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