The Top 3 Advances in Green, Commercial Construction

by | Mar 15, 2017 | blog, Commercial

While there are numerous growth markets in the world, few are evolving as rapidly as the green construction sector. This is a trend that is continue over the coming years, particularly as technology continues to advance and become more accessible within society.

In recent times, we have seen the commercial construction market embrace numerous green trends, which have changed in the way in which structures are built and the materials used to complete projects.

In this post, we will look at three of the most prominent advances in green construction and asses how they have changed commercial real estate: –

  1. Passive Solar Design Has Reduced Energy Costs

There has been a huge focus on the cost of both residential and commercial energy prices in recent times, particularly as austerity has continued to take hold of the global economy. We have even seen a rise in fuel poverty since the great recession, and this refers to instances in which households are spending more than 10% of their household income on energy.

In the commercial real estate sector, however, the concept of passive solar design has offered a huge boon to brands who are looking to source energy for their premises. While this technology harnesses the natural power of the sun like standard, domestic panels, it does not require any additional hardware or an up-front investors from commercial clients.

In fact, the process relies on detailed decision making, from the selection of your location to the size of the structure and the type of windows that are installed. So whether you are utilizing a resource such as Devono to locate commercial properties or purchasing land on which to build, you need to develop a strategy that is focused primarily on accessing passive solar power.

  1. Chiller Boilers Are Hydronic and Increasingly Efficient

While most businesses install HVAC systems and large, commercial boilers in their premises, these entities can be costly to source and operative over time.

Although it is important to install hardware that both heat and cool premises in order to maintain a compliant temperature, however, there are other, more sustainable systems that offer significant savings.

Take chiller boilers, for example, which are ideally suited to commercial applications and also benefit from being hydronic. This means that they utilise water as its primary element, making it more efficient, cost effective and capable of delivering more even temperatures.

  1. Electrochromic Windows Reduces Energy Consumption and Costs

If you have never heard of electrochromic windows, you missing out on a seminal, green construction trend (and one that can deliver huge advantages to commercial clients).

These windows are also referred to as being smart, while they also use small, intermittent bursts of electricity to change the glass from opaque to translucent in an instant. They are incredibly efficient, primarily because they leverage nanotechnology to optimise the level of natural light and heat accessed at any given time, reducing the load placing on your heating and lighting systems as a result.

While this type of glass remains relatively expensive for now, it has the potential to drive huge savings over time and improve your businesses carbon footprint.

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