30 Luxurious Celebrity Homes

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Luxurious Celebrity Homes can kindle mixed emotions like awe, appreciation, inspiration, jealousy or envy. But, irrespective of those peculiar feelings, all of us will agree that these homes are worth a look. In this post we have collected 30 Luxurious Celebrity Homes ranging from refurbished Villa’s to opulent palaces.

1. Oprah Winfrey

Oprah's house

Located in California, Oprah Winfrey bought this luxurious home for $50 Million dollar right before she spent even more on its refurbishment. It covers 42 acres of land with the mansion alone sitting on 23,000 square feet.

2. Cher’s Malibu Mansion

Bon Jovi's Penthouse

Bon Jovi

Cher, well known diva put this house for sale back in 2008 and recently it was bought for about $45 Million by Beyonce. Among the various attractions of this palace the most prominent are the stoned walls and stamped copper-dining room ceiling. On top of all that, the house is no less than a queen’s abode with its Seven bedrooms, nine baths, a gym, theater, tennis court and a pool.

3. Bon Jovi’s Pent-House

House of Lary David

This Penthouse is located in Soho, New york and is worth $42 Million, almost double the price of any other home in Soho. It has five bedrooms, 5.5 baths and features an impressive foyer, dining area and a modern chef’s kitchen.

4. Lary David

Cheryl Tieg's Home

Co-creator of the famous TV show “Seinfeild”, Lary David owns a Luxurious mansion worth $15 Million. With seven-bedrooms, 10-bath home, it covers an acre of land and feels like a country side English home overlooking pacific.

5. Cheryl Tiegs Luxurious Home

Pamela's Beach House
Pamela Anderson's Home
Super-model Cheryl’s Home in Bel Air sparks style and elegance from every corner. It consists of five-bedroom, 4.5 bath home and features a main living area with dark wood floors, a vaulted ceiling and a kitchen with a farmer’s sink and butcher block island; all designed by a “million dollar decorator” Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

6. Pamela Andreson’s Malibu Beach House

Pamela Anderson's malibu House
Pam Beach

Spread over an area of 2,700 sq ft Pamela Andreson has lived here since 1990 but she is planning to sell it now and return to her native land, Canada.

7. Tobey Maguire

Tobey Maguire's House

Tobey Maquire’s house in West Hollywood is an inviting site with its opulent poolside and modern architecture.

8. Matt Damon Miami Beach House

Matt Damon's Beach House
Beach House Matt Damon

The legendary Hollywood Actor and Oscar winning Screen writer moved to his beautiful $20 Million Dollar beach house in Miami with equally gorgeous wife Luciana Bozán Barroso.

9. Bruce Willis’ Beverly Hills Mansion

Bruce Wilis House
Beverly Hills Bruce Willis

Sitting on a whopping 10,000 sq ft of land in Beverily Hillls, Bruce Wills has a Spanish styled home with well-manicured Pool that is Hollywood standard all the way.

10. Mark Wahlberg’s Family House

Mark Wahlburg's Home

Made on Mediterranean Hollywood hills, Mark Wahlberg’s house is family customized with pool, waterfall, cabbans and a grotto, all with breathtaking canyon views.

11. Gregory Peck’s Family Estate

Gregory Peck

Estimated at $25 million, this house was purchased by Gregory Peck’s wife after his death in 2003.

12. Wilmer Valderrama’s Bachelor Pad

Wilmer Valderrama

This Sitcom star’s multi-million dollar bachelor pad has $300,000 beach entry pool, spa, two house and muti-purpose building.

13. Bryan Cranston’s Beach House

Bryan Cranston's Beach House

Located just outside Los Angeles, lead actor of the famous Breaking Bad Series recently renovated his “love-shack” into a jaw-dropping green and luxurious beach house.

14. Ellen DeGeneres Malibu Mansion

Ellen Degenere's malibu House
Ellen Degenere's malibu House

Ellen DeGeneres bought this Beverly Hills mansion from actor Brad Pitt for $12 Million.

15. Ashton Kutcher Luxury Home

Ashton Kutcher Luxury House

Balconies overlooking Lake Hollywood, floor-to-ceiling windows and cantilevered rooms, Ashton Kutcher’s $12 Million House is as good as it gets.

16. Justin Beiber Estate

Justin Bieber's Estate
Where Justin Bieber Lives

Justin Beiber’s House is Hacienda Styled estate in Calabassas CA. It sports a six-bed, seven bath and opulent hacienda centric development.

17. Jennifer Aniston Bell Air Estate

Aniston's Bell Air Estate
Jennifer's Estate

Jennifer Aniston purchased this Los Angeles estate for $7 Million after selling her Beverly Hills custom real estate for $38 million.

18. Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest
Ryan's Estate

Located in Hollywood Hills Mediterranean, Los Angeles, this house is listed at $12 Million.

19. 50 Cent’s Mansion

50 Cent's Mansion

Located in Connecticut, this humongous luxury mansion sits on 51,657 square feet and has crazy attractions like a personal night club and a pond.

20. Celine Dion

Celine Dion's House

This water park styled estate is located in Jupiter Island, Florida and with its 6 million gallons water per year usage, it is a treat for kids and adults altogether during hot summer Florida days.

21. Will Smith

Will Smith

Estimated at $20 Million, this mansion is a refurbished masterpiece located in Calabasas, California.

22. Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner

Covering an Area of 6 Acres this Playboy Mansion is both headquarter and Home with its 26 Bedrooms, grotto and more sitting on 20,000 square feet.

23. Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld

Voted number 1 celebrity party house by OK! Magazine, this estate is worth about $32 Million and is located in East Hampton, New York.

24. Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes have a passion for exorbitantly priced homes; but this one located in Beverely Hills beats all their property records with a price tag of $35 Million.

25. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Brad Pitt

A huge mansion located in Long Island, New York, covers an area of 22,000 square feet and has 18 refurbished bathrooms, a private tennis court, a swimming pool and beautiful interiors to compliment the equally beautiful couple.

26. George Cloonie

George Clooney

George Cloonie prefers recluse, as is quite evident from this villa he bought in small town of Laglio with 930 people residency for $10 Million, plus the refurbishment cost.

27. David and Victoria Beckham

David bekham's House

The couple is pretty famous for spending on luxurious homes but this one in Beverly Hills is the most lavishing of them all. Worth about $10 Million, this family customized house has everything a family could ask for.

28. Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy's House

Eddie Murphy, famous comedy star owns a humongous mansion covering 40,000 sq ft in Beverly Hills, with all the tweaks like large sized cool and heated pools, tennis courts, wonderful landscaping, a bowling alley, a personal two floor library and additional entertainment spaces, all this for $20 Million ‘only’.

29. Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez's House

With Museum styled interiors and light toned colors, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have a wonderful palace in LA. It is spread over an area of 12,500 sq ft and consists of 7 spacious bedrooms and 14 Bathrooms.

30. Aaron Spelling

Aaron Spelling's House

Worth an exorbitant $150 Million, this Palace is a perfect luxurious world in itself. It consists of no less than 123 rooms, around 6 lavishly landscaped gardens, around 10 mega-impressive fountains and several bars.

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