How to Create a Spa Bathroom

Introduce Luxury, Unique Touches into this Everyday Room

Bathrooms are functional rooms, to be sure. But upgrading simple parts of your bathroom can make it seem like a getaway from regular life and a favorite spot in the house

Spa bathrooms are becoming more popular as places that provide a place for everyday relaxation within the home. But without a $20,000 bathroom renovation, sometimes it can seem hard to get the desired effect. With three simple considerations, a bathroom can become a relaxing oasis within your home. More information can be found here.


One of the things that can give a quick face lift to a bathroom is new fixtures. This includes shower or bath fixtures, toilets and sinks. Visit several home improvement stores to get a feeling for what’s available, and if you’re going for a serene spa setting, you’ll usually want to pick something that fits with the style of the bathroom and the home but has clean lines that will make the room look very simple and clean. Picking matching, elegant fixtures will create a cohesive, luxury look.


Color is one of the most deciding factors when trying to put together a serene, relaxing bathroom. Bright, exciting colors have their places, but it’s not here. You want to use serene, relaxing colors, usually muted tones, with paint, tile and cabinetry. Don’t forget to look at all the colors in the room, not just paint color, and play them all together, like an orchestra all playing together.

You’ll also have to pick colors when it comes to towels and accessories, so make sure you can find something that coordinates before you settle on your color scheme.

Part of color and the cohesion of it also includes texture. You should put thought into the textures you choose to make sure you’re introducing the feeling you’re going for. Think about rich, satin finishes on paint instead of a bland matte finish or a distractingly shiny glossy finish. Think about iridescent finishes on tile instead of a standard ceramic tile that risks looking run-of-the-mill. Also think about thick, fluffy towels and brushed or shiny finish on the fixtures, and consider a plastic shower curtain versus a thicker, more sumptuous cotton textured curtain.


These often make the spa bathroom experience. Think of any spa experience you’ve had and try to recreate these things: Find sumptuous bubble bath, candles, lotion and shampoo in matching sets, and display them in a clean way. Roll towels on a shelf instead of stacking them. Install soft lighting so you’re not taking a relaxing bath under a blaring fluorescent light, or maximize natural light in the space so you don’t have to use a lighting fixture at all.

A small stool or bench to sit and apply lotion or paint your toenails is a nice extra, as is a towel warmer or a set of glass containers that hold cotton balls, Q-tips or bath salts. These make a nice display and offer extra luxury goods for relaxation. Once you’ve got all these set up, it’s time to lock the door, kick back and relax in your new spa bathroom!


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